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Putin: US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya distorted international law


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Judge Napolitano: Obama's Legal 
Justification For Drones Is Hogwash
Fox News Legal Insanity 
Gone to pot
AG Jack Conway announces 
he won't appeal gay marriage ruling
Los Angeles Criminal Defense 
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Celebrities & The Law Courtroom Drama Stupid Laws, Criminals & Things 
Bieber police video may be released, minus... Gunmen storm Pakistani courts in deadliest... Man Tries to Rob a Store With Toy Gun ó TWICE
'Housewives' couple plead guilty to fraud in NJ Defendantís vow to grab gun leads to request for... The Six Dumbest Florida Criminals for February
Pistorius and the dubious certainties of fast... Judge chastises Yakima County detectives over...  Man tried to use welding torch to break into ATM
Why Does Congress Listen to Celebrities like... More security for judicial officers, less access to... Dumb Laws in New York
3 Doors Down bassist ordered to serve house... Judge demands evidence of Chesco man's alleged... Dumb Laws in Maine
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